Calculate Dissolved Solids (post ferment)

Specific Gravity
°Brix (refractometer)
Dissolved solids (g/L)

Details:  This calculation is based on the alcohol calculation from refractometer and hydrometer readings.  The alcohol is calculated and then used together with the specific gravity to calculate the dissolved solids.  The gravity measurement must be from a hydrometer, and the °Brix measurement must be from a refractometer, these values must not have been calculated from one source.
Alcohol has a higher refractive index than water, so a dry wine will give a refractometer reading in the range 5 to 10°Brix.

Initially the alcohol is calculated in the same way as for the 'Alcohol from Hydrometer & Refractometer', and then the following formula is used to calculate the dissolved solids:

ds = ( ( s * 1000 ) - 1000 + a * 1.264 ) * 2.52

s = specific gravity
a = alcohol, percent by volume

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