SO2 Aspiration/Oxidation Method

Molarity of NaOH
Titre of NaOH (mL)
Sample volume (mL)
SO2 (mg/L)

Details:  This is a simple calculation of SO2 for the aspiration/oxidation method.  Whether free, bound or total SO2 is calculated depends on the method you used.

Red Wines:  Much of the 'free' SO2 in red wines is actually pigment (anthocyanin) bound - actual free SO2 levels will be very significantly lower.

The following formula is used:

SO2 = ( t * m * 1.6 * 1000 * 20) / v

m = molarity of NaOH
t = titre of NaOH required (mL)
v = volume of sample used (mL)

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