Monitor Ferment from Hydrometer Readings

Initial °Brix (hydrometer)
Current °Brix (hydrometer)
True °Brix
Residual Sugar(g/L)
Current alcohol (%v/v)

Details:  This calculator allows you to correct for the obscuration effect of the alcohol produced during fermentation, and calculate a true sugar concentration.

This calculator uses an assumption of the efficiency of alcohol production to calculate the 'true' Brix from the fall in Brix observed with a hydrometer. The derrived formula is:

True-Brix = ( 97 * i + 1200 * h ) / 1297

i = initial Brix h = current Brix (from hydrometer)

The above formula is derrived from the more easily understood:

Hydrometer reading = ( Brix_initial - Brix_current_true ) / 1.8

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