Fining Trial Based Additions

Concentration of fining used in trial (mg/L)
Volume of wine used in trial (mL)
Volume of fining solution used (mL)
Concentration of fining for addition (mg/L)
Volume of wine to fine (L)
Concentration of fining in wine (mg/L)
Volume of fining solution to add to wine (mL)

Details:  This calculator makes fining trial and subsequent fining addition calculations quick and simple.  After performing fining trials and deciding on an addition level, fill in all details and the volume of fining agent required will be calculated.
Be sure to check all units, the ones used here have been chosen for convenience in the majority of situations.

The first calculation is to find the concentration used in the trial:

concentration = (fining-agent-conc * (vol-fining-used / 1000)) / ((vol-wine + vol-fining-used) / 1000)

fining-agent-conc = concentration of the fining agent
vol-fining-used = the volume of fining agent used in the trial
vol-wine = the volume of wine used in the trial

Of course the divisions by 1000 are correcting for the units entered, the simplified equation is:

concentration = (fining-agent-conc * vol-fining-used) / (vol-wine + vol-fining-used)

This is an accurate calculation as the volume being divided by is the volume of wine AND the volume of the addition.  This is often overlooked in calculations such as these, especially when performing them by hand.  It is an important point to make, calculations from this equation will differ from quick calculations by hand.

The next calculation is to find how much of a solution of a specified concentration must be added to bring the concentration of the juice/wine to a desired concentration, this is discussed in the 'Additions in Solution' section.

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