Measure High (off-scale) °Brix by Dilution

Dilution (%v/v of juice)
°Brix reading (of dilution)
Actual °Brix

Details:  A sample of high sugar juice can be diluted in order that it can be read on equipment with a limited scale.  However because the °Brix scale is calibrated as %w/w, but the dilution is carried out by measuring volume, the reading cannot simply be multiplied by the dilution to obtain the °Brix of the juice.  This calculator corrects for this, allowing such dilutions to be used.

Note on SG:  If measuring a juice using SG (specific gravity), simple multiplication is possible. For example, a sample diluted to 50% with distilled water, which reads 1.090, has a gravity of 1.180.

The calculations involved in this calculator are the same as those used in the gravity/density/sugar conversions. First the measured °Brix is used to calculate the gravity, which is then combined with the °Brix to calculate the dissolved solids. The dissolved solids is multiplied by (100/d), where d is the dilution percentage. So a dilution of 50% would mean multiplying the dissolved solids by 2. This number is then converted back to °Brix.

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