Alcohol by Ebulliometry

Calibration - pure water (°C)
Reading (°C)
Alcohol (%v/v)

Details:  This calculation corrects the ebulliometer reading based on the calibration reading, and then calculates the alcohol content.

Initially, the ebulliometer degree is calculated:

ebulliometer degree = calibration - reading

This essentially yields the number of degrees below the boiling point of water, at which the sample is boiling.

Next, a polynomial expression generated from a large data set is used to give the alcohol (% by volume):

alcohol = 0.0002590805845 * d4 - 0.0006404605357 * d3 + 0.001926392743 * d2 + 1.364664067 * d - 1.29216576

Where d = the ebulliometer degree.

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