Alcohol from Hydrometer & Refractometer

Specific Gravity
°Brix (refractometer)
Alcohol (%v/v)

Details:  This calculator uses a refractometer and hydrometer reading to ascertain the alcohol content of the sample.  The gravity measurement must be from a hydrometer, and the °Brix measurement must be from a refractometer, these values must not have been calculated from one source.
Alcohol (ethanol) has a higher refractive index than water, so a dry wine will usually give a refractometer reading in the range 5 to 15°Brix.

This calculation uses the following formula:

alcohol by vol = 1.646 * b - 2.703 * (145 - 145 / s) - 1.794

b = °Brix reading (from refractometer)
s = specific gravity (from hydrometer)

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